Mechanical Ride rentals in Garden Ridge, Texas

Mechanical Ride rentals in Garden Ridge, Texas


180' mobile zip line and 28' tall

Arguably Amanzi’s most amazing mechanical ride, the 180’ Mobile Zip Line is Formula One fun for X Games Austin or any other large event in need of maximum speed and 5-Star wow factor.  

Ferris wheel carnival ride

Ferris wheel rentals

Rent this magical ferris wheel for your carnival.


meltdown action - X game

Calling all nimble Austin ninjas and self-assured college jocks. We’ve seen you flexing muscles at the gym and strutting your stuff at Lady Bird’s Town Lake. Think you’ve got what it takes? 


eurobungy trampoline

The Eurobungy Trampoline Quad Jump Austin is here, and it’s a trip into space like none other. This 4 person mechanical midway ride is one of Amanzi’s most popular amusements for street festivals, civic events and carnivals. What could be more exhilarating than soaring 20 feet in the air, flipping, turning and twisting? Landing safely, our trained staff will ensure properly fitted harnesses, well maintained bungee ropes and pulleys for an unforgettable experience.


Ferris wheel kiddie ride austin

Okay we admit it isn’t the London Eye, and maybe everything in Texas isn’t bigger. But the Kiddie Ferris Wheel Ride is the perfect addition for tots at school carnivals and street fairs. Up to ten little terrors can reach for sky in this pint-sized midway amusement. Attached to its own trailer, the ease of delivery and set-up make this an ideal mechanical midway ride for any special event requiring high volume traffic, professional staffing and all without the screaming and impromptu diaper changes. (And yes, big kids can ride, too.)