Party rentals in Cibolo, Texas

We here in Cibolo Texas love the Summer and we enjoy parties.

We love the Summer and the big waterslides.

Mechanical bulls are the centerpiece of every event in Texas.

Round off your party with a dunk tank.

For all your Festival events at your School or Church we have many mechanical rides to choose from.

Kids simply love interactive games, look at our inventory for all the different choices.


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hawaiian slip and slide (37'L X 10'W X 9'H)

The hawaiian water slide has two slip and slides where two riders can go head to head and race each other  down the slide to see who falls into the pool first.  This water slide is great for all ages.  There is a big pool at the end.


pirates revenge carnival rides in houston

All aboard Houston! The Pirates Revenge Carnival Ride is ready to set sail for your next civic event, street festival or large gathering, and you don’t even have to drive to Galveston. Amanzi Party Rentals is your passport to perfect event planning with this and our many other mechanical midway rides.