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portable ice skating rink rental or synthetic ice rink




Client Responsibilities:

  1. Provide with flat, hard and level surface. If surface is irregular, subfloor installation will be offered for extra cost.
  2. Provide digital photo of the area from different angles.
  3. Provide with parking for loading/unloading and for parking truck before/during/after event.
  4. Holiday decorations must be approved by Amanzi Party Rentals personnel.
  5. If indoors, minimum 4’ door clearance, 8’ elevator. If steps involved and delivery trolly cant be used at anytime, extra charge will apply for labor.
  6. Average ice rink installation time 3 hours (if no subfloor involved), dismantling rink 2 hours. Add 2-3 hours extra for subfloor installation.
  7. Property owner approval note. Please be advise, property owner will receive insurance certificate as additional insured for the duration of the event.
  8. Provide with correct wording for insurance documents. Any changes to insurance will be at extra costs.
  9. Electricity, water access is not necessary, unless client would like to use any special effects or sharpening services. (Highly recommended)

All of our synthetic ice rink rentals includes these features:

  •   Synthetic ice rink panels
  •    An appropriate quantity of ice skates in various sizes for the rink size
  •    Benches, rubber floors, and fencing
  •    A rental station with a skate rack
  •    A skate sharpening machine
  •    Changing area appropriate for the rink size
  •    Fog and/or snow machines, stage lights, and a music system (additional charge)
  •    Two to three uniformed ice rink attendants to install and operate the rink
  •    Liability insurance (We include the name of your organization on our insurance)
  •    Liability waiver forms and all appropriate signs for the rink

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