Obstacle Courses

60' Wacky Millenium obstacle course (60'L X 14'W X 17'H)

The 60' Wacky Obstacle Course provides an extra 20 feet of action to our inflatable obstacle course equipment list. More slides, walls and inflatable obstacles to weave in and out of, will provide even more guests to get in the action. Perfect for corporate events, school carnivals and festivals. Book today to get the date you want


40' wacky obstacle challenge course (40'L X 11'W X 15'H)

The 40' Wacky Obstacle Course is perfect for small and large occasions. Sure to keep all ages engaged and having a great time. With many obstacles and slides, riders will complete the course to quickly run to the beginning to do it all again.


Ultimate Module Challenge obstacle course (34'6"L x 28'W x 18'8"H)

The Ultimate Module Challenge brings everything you love in an inflatable attraction together in one brilliant design! The 3 pieces include (1) double lane slide with climb challenge steps and tunnel exits and (2) L-shaped obstacle alleys that include a variety of pop-up, pop-out, log features, rock climb and slide.



Vertical Rush obstacle course (28'L x 18'W x 22'H)

This NEW exciting double lane inflatable attraction is triple the fun! Two participants challenge each other while they climb through the obstacle course, climb up the rock wall and slide down this incredible 21' GIANT SLIDE to the finish! GAME ON! Great for any carnival or big event. This unit is 24 feet tall!!!


40' obstacle challenge course (40'L x 11'W x 12'H)

This inflatable back yard obstacle course takes participants on a journey crawling through tunnels, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with stamina-building climbing and descending along the way! This sleek, low-profile Backyard Obstacle Challenge course provides a bright, primary-colored purple, yellow and red theme and its arching design will attract attendees and keep them entertained.



Haunted house (20'L X 27'W X 15'6"H)



Get the party started with our fun halloween themed haunted house for your creepy-cool Halloween parties.  If you're looking for Halloween party decorations to make in a flash, you'll love our new halloween haunted house.


Graduation Parties

A party that is sure to please even the toughest of teenagers. Make this the coolest graduation party of the summer.

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