Party rentals in Sugar Land, Texas

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We love the Summer and big waterslides.

Mechanical bulls are the centerpiece of every event in Texas.

Round off your party with a dunk tank.

Amanzi has over 30 Mechanical rides for your School or Church event.

Kids simply love interactive games. See our inventory for all our different choices.


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uproar demolition carnival ride rentals Houston

NASA inspired, the Uproar Demolition Carnival Ride provides high-volume, high-octane excitement to the Amanzi line-up of amazing mechanical midway amusements. Depending on age and heart-condition, this spinning, swinging orbiter will accommodate 10 fearless or screaming passengers as it launches from a space no bigger than the average garage, and there’s no jet fuel required!

With our trained staff doing the driving, we guarantee none of your guests will get lost in space.