Party rentals in Spring Valley, Texas

carnival swing ride

Bring Amanzi your tired, restless little feet and we’ll transform them from mini-monsters into the sweet little darlings you wish you’d had in the first place. Up to 16 tiny pampered rears can ride in the 8 seats for high-volume excitement, or our staff can dial up the speed for teenagers in need of a lift without a fake I.D.

Perfect for fundraisers, street festivals and school carnivals, this mechanical ride is midway magic for young and old alike.


big kahuna water slide (36'L X 15'W X 17'H)

It is surf time and we call on all surfers to come surf on this huge water slide.  This water slide is 19 feet tall with a midway hump where riders will fly into the air.  


redneck wipeout games

Houston is no stranger to gators or rednecks. Now Amanzi has a mechanical midway amusement incorporating the best of both. Austin may have the X Games, but Houston has the Redneck Wipe-Out Games. Sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next trailer park ho-down, shotgun wedding or fish-fry fundraiser for Bubba’s lawyer, this is one log-jamming good time to see which hillbilly can claim the title King of Sawmill Hill in this multi-player gator-bait game.