Mechanical Rides

Rock climbing wall rentals in Houston, Texas

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Trailer mounted, this two-ton tower of fun requires an area 25’ x 20’ x 30’ high and comes with a Sherpa-certified mountain guide so none of your guests get lost in the Alps or have an ugly altercation with a ram during rutting season. All climbing equipment is included, carefully inspected and suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Lackrophobia: Fear of failure to meet heightened expectations for special occasions. Large events nearly always induce anxiety for the planner. Instead of fretting, sweating and climbing the walls, why not let your guests do it instead? It’s a proven medical fact that outdoor play and exercise makes people feel great. So does sipping a relaxing margarita on the patio. Amanzi’s Dr. Feel Good has a fool-proof prescription for both Houston, Rock Wall Climbing rentals. One call cures all, and better yet, we deliver!

Make sure you have a 25’ x 20’ x 30’ high space for us to back in the trailer and we’ll have 4 sets of happy feet climbing safely in a matter of minutes, so you can put yours up and relax. Our courteous, professionally trained staff will take care of the rest and allow you to enjoy your guests. We carefully check that all ropes, harnesses and the Auto-belay system are in perfect working order and properly fitted before letting anyone scale the 24’ walls.

Amanzi is serious about having fun, but it’s always safety first. That’s why we have our Rock Wall Rentals inspected and maintained by the manufacturer each year in addition to our own meticulous maintenance and care of all our midway amusements, inflatables and carnival games. There’s only one way to throw a perfect party, make it amazing. Make it Amanzi!