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meltdown action - X game in Houston

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This mechanical midway ride cranks up the fun with variable speed and direction, ensuring hilarity, while separating the man from da’ boys.

The Meltdown Action-X Games will add a knock-out punch to your midway amusements with 8 removable pedestals in an inflatable 30’ x 30’ arena. Giant multi-level padded arms rotate at variable speeds while changing directions, requiring contestants to jump over or duck under and attempt to remain atop their pedestal.

The possibilities are endless for this ego-crushing, man-eating machine. Why not set up a Challenge for Charity between the Houston Astros and the Houston Texans at your next civic event, create a cutthroat corporate contest at the company picnic, or blow off some pre-game steam at your next tailgate party.

Many challenge courses require large spaces and dripping wet contestants which is less than ideal for street festivals and carnivals. The Meltdown Action-X Games test agility and endurance, but leave attendees dry (except for the tears of defeat). Great for spectators, this midway ride always draws a crowd who love the gladiator-like spectacle without the mess of being eaten by lions.

Amanzi’s professionally trained staff will crank up the fun factor, pitting South Houston showoffs against Sugar Land Dragon Boat boys to see who’s really King of the Hill in this contest of wits, strength and stamina. (Warning: Some ego damage may occur. Amanzi is amazing, but some things even we can’t prevent.)

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