Mechanical Rides


mobile zip line

We know how crazy it sounds, but the fast lane is finally here for high-traffic Houston events, even the ones in the Galleria area. Soar above the crowded field of street festival planners with Amanzi’s amazing 180’ Mobile Zip Line.



pirates revenge carnival rides in houston

All aboard Houston! The Pirates Revenge Carnival Ride is ready to set sail for your next civic event, street festival or large gathering, and you don’t even have to drive to Galveston. Amanzi Party Rentals is your passport to perfect event planning with this and our many other mechanical midway rides.



uproar demolition carnival ride rentals Houston

NASA inspired, the Uproar Demolition Carnival Ride provides high-volume, high-octane excitement to the Amanzi line-up of amazing mechanical midway amusements. Depending on age and heart-condition, this spinning, swinging orbiter will accommodate 10 fearless or screaming passengers as it launches from a space no bigger than the average garage, and there’s no jet fuel required!

With our trained staff doing the driving, we guarantee none of your guests will get lost in space.



meltdown action - X game

Houston, are you ready to rumble or take a tumble? The Meltdown Action-X Game is an inflatable arena with 8 pedestals and multi-tiered rotating arms meant to prove who’s full of hot air and who actually has the right stuff.


carnival swing ride

Bring Amanzi your tired, restless little feet and we’ll transform them from mini-monsters into the sweet little darlings you wish you’d had in the first place. Up to 16 tiny pampered rears can ride in the 8 seats for high-volume excitement, or our staff can dial up the speed for teenagers in need of a lift without a fake I.D.

Perfect for fundraisers, street festivals and school carnivals, this mechanical ride is midway magic for young and old alike.




There’s nothing quite like the weightlessness of space, except possibly the Eurobungy Trampoline Quad Jump. One of the most popular midway amusement rides, this 4 person bungee trampoline is offers a rocket fueled, out of this world experience. 


mechanical bull

Houston was once famous for El Toro, the mechanical bull at Gilly’s in Pasadena. No one had ever been meaner, until now. We know Amanzi is amazing, but holy cow! Steer clear of his son, Quesero, the Texas Terror. He’s one mean son of a gun. 



redneck wipeout games

Houston is no stranger to gators or rednecks. Now Amanzi has a mechanical midway amusement incorporating the best of both. Austin may have the X Games, but Houston has the Redneck Wipe-Out Games. Sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next trailer park ho-down, shotgun wedding or fish-fry fundraiser for Bubba’s lawyer, this is one log-jamming good time to see which hillbilly can claim the title King of Sawmill Hill in this multi-player gator-bait game.



rock wall rentals

Houston isn’t known for its soaring vistas and sheer cliffs. (Sorry freeway canyons don’t count.) But don’t worry, Amanzi can bring the mountain to you. Our Rock Walls are an amazing 24’ tall and can accommodate 4 climbers in a race to the top.