Mechanical Rides

Mechanical bull rentals in Houston

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That’s why he comes with a padded arena and an expert handler. We can’t keep him from bruising egos, but we can at least prevent him from breaking bones and putting riders in traction. For some weird reason he likes kids, which makes him an all-ages star attraction.

Dallas may have rebuilt Gilly’s and put El Toro out to pasture, but his son, Quesero the Texas Terror, is leaner, meaner, faster and still reining hell all over Houston. Perfect for fundraisers, he can separate a man from his wallet and ego in under eight seconds. But there’s nothing funny about this mechanical midway amusement, and that’s no bull. In a well-padded 20’ x 20’ arena, pound for pound, nobody can throw cowboys around like Quesero.

We can’t quite figure out why, but for some strange reason, he doesn’t make children cry or fly off his back. It was amazing that day in Anahuac when a brave little caballero saddled up and Quesero didn’t have a heart attack. Thinking the kid was bait for Gatorfest, we decided to wait. Low and behold, with Amanzi’s expert handlers at the controls, son of El Toro didn’t act like a son of a… Well, I think you get the point.

Whichever venue you choose for large events or small, no one does it all, except Amanzi. We know we’re amazing, but if Quesero answers the phone, be afraid, very afraid. Hide the china and give us a call. Our expert event planners are there to enthrall, even if it means reviving ghosts from the world’s largest old dance hall.