Interactive Games Houston


meltdown action - X game

Houston, are you ready to rumble or take a tumble? The Meltdown Action-X Game is an inflatable arena with 8 pedestals and multi-tiered rotating arms meant to prove who’s full of hot air and who actually has the right stuff.


cash vault or money vault

Resembling a bank vault in appearance, patrons try to catch money, coupons (or whatever you're promoting) as it crazily dances about the inner chamber courtesy of a secondary air-circulation system! 



joust (21'L X 26'W X 4'H)

This joust inflatable offers a two man jousting competition.  Each player climb up onto their pedestal and try to knock his opponent from the pedestal.



velcro wall (21'L X 13'W X 12'H)

This is the original stickey wall or velcro wall.  Strap yourself into the stickey suit and launch yourself agains the wall.  This stickey wall can make hours of fun for children of all ages.