What time will you be here to set up the equipment?

We will call you the evening before with our delivery time.  We will have your equipment set up and ready to go by your start time.


How much space do I need for the equipment?

We will need a few feet extra, all the way around the inflatable for adequate space for setup.  The sizes of each unit can be found in its description.


What do I need to provide when you get here?

In all cases, you will need to supply working electricity.  If you have reserved equipment that uses water, you will need to supply the water and water hose.


Do I need a water hose for the water slide?

Yes, you will need to supply a water hose for all equipment using water.


How do I pay you?

You can pay us using any debit or credit card for the deposit.  The remaining balance can be charged on that same card on file or you can pay cash for the remaining balance when we deliver the equipment.  Our drivers do not carry any change.




Is the equipment cleaned before it comes to me?

 In most cases, we clean and sanitize our equipment in our warehouse prior to delivery.  If it was rented the day before, we will clean it on site before we leave you with it.


Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, we carry a $2 million policy which is more than what is required by the State of Texas


Do you stay with the equipment?

No, we normally do not stay with the equipment.  If you would like an attendant at your event, we charge $35 per hour plus travel to and from your location.


How long does it take to set up the equipment?

Depending on the equipment, it can take 30 – 60 minutes to set it up.  We plan for this and will have the equipment ready before your party start time.


Where are you located?

We have locations in Austin and San Antonio.  Our Austin location is conveniently located just south of downtown Austin, off of South Congress/Ben White.  Our San Antonio location is conveniently located close to the airport.


Is there a delivery charge to come to my location?

It depends on where you are located.  We can easily answer this question with your delivery zip code.


Do you deliver to parks?

Yes, we do deliver to parks for an additional $65.


What supplies come with the concession equipment?

All of our concession equipment comes with supplies for 50 servings, other than the ice for the snow cone machines.  The ice is regular cubed ice that can be purchased from a grocery store or gas station.


What if I want my tables and chairs longer than the moonwalk or slide?

All of the rental equipment is delivered and picked up at the same time.  If you would like the equipment longer, you will need to rent it for a longer span of time.


Can we keep the equipment overnight?

Yes!  We charge an additional $40 to keep equipment until the next day.


My yard is slightly slopped.  Can you set up on it?

A slight sloop is not a problem for setting up the equipment.


Can you set up on my driveway?

We prefer to set up on a soft surface but can set up on concrete with prior  notice.


Will you pick up on the same day?

Yes, in most cases we do pick up the same day.  If we must leave the equipment over night, we will let you know.

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