Dolphin double slide

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The Dolphin Double Water Slide is one of our largest and most popular waterslides.  It is designed with two waterslides descending in opposite directions.  Children are kept safe and secure inside the walls of this waterslide, never having to step off onto the grass below. 

As your little slider enters the slide through a welcoming rainbow, they will immediately climb the ladder to the top of the first waterslide.  When they are at the top of the slide, the built in squirters spray a fine mist of water down the slide to make the ride fast and long.  Once at the bottom of the long ramp, the rider will take a right turn under another rainbow and climb up a ladder in the opposite direction to make this waterslide and endless thrill seeking adventure.

This waterslide fits in most front or back yards at 30’ long, 10’ wide and 14’ tall.  The bright rainbow that is arched over the waterslide adds a bright touch to all party themes.  This kind of children’s entertainment is always a big hit at company picnics, charity fundraisers and school events.  Reserving a water slide will ensure professional service and a great time at your next party or special rental event.


Rent this spectacular halloween inflatable for your festival and WOW all your guests.

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