Party rentals in Corpus Christi, Texas

Here in Corpus Christi Texas we love the Summer and we enjoy parties.

We have the largest waterslides and over 120 waterslides to choose from.

Mechanical bulls are the centerpiece of every event in Texas.

Round off your party with a dunk tank.

Amanzi has over 30 Mechanical rides for your School or Church event.

Kids simply love interactive games. See our inventory for all the different choices.

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hello kitty moonwalk (15'L X 15'W X 13'H)

HELLO KITTY IS HERE - She's iconic. She's adored. She's known around the world. The long awaited Hello Kitty moonwalk is coming to Austin and San Antonio. 


uproar demolition carnival ride

Pure midway madness, the Uproar Demolition Carnival Ride is one of our most thrilling mechanical amusement offerings. Perfect for carnivals, street fairs and large events, this high volume, 12 person ride is Formula One excitement without the actual danger.

Our professional staff will safely ensure wrecked nerves and racing hearts as guests spin and swing in this midway scream-machine. Start your engines, hold on to your teeth, and get ready to roar!

horse shoe

Saddle up cowboys, and get ready for the best throw game or cowboy game around. Players test their throwing accuracy, by attempting to land the horse shoe around the metal poles in this horse shoe game or Wild West game.


27' Tropical 2 Lane Run 'N' Splash slide (65'L X 20'W X 27'H)

Our 27' Tropical 2 Lane Run 'N' Splash Combos feature a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down the Tropical Slide. 


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