Carnival Games


cash vault or money vault

Resembling a bank vault in appearance, patrons try to catch money, coupons (or whatever you're promoting) as it crazily dances about the inner chamber courtesy of a secondary air-circulation system! 



Corn hole bag toss game

  • Regulation Cornhole Boards / Bag Toss Game Set - Official Size & Dimensions 48" x 24" x 12"


horse shoe

Saddle up cowboys, and get ready for the best throw game or cowboy game around. Players test their throwing accuracy, by attempting to land the horse shoe around the metal poles in this horse shoe game or Wild West game.


kiddie striker

Children of all ages love to show up dad with our miniature version of the Kiddie Strikers. 7' tall and less than 80 lbs., it is easy for one person to transport and set up this carnival game.


potato sack race

With the sack race or sack racing you can relive your old school days, with this set of five specially designed adult sized sacks. Set up your course, jump in the sacks, and away you go. There is no need for stewards enquiries here, the winner is simply the first contestant passed the finishing line. Ideal fun for all ages.


Tug of war

Manila tug of war rope is the only type allowed by the Tug of War International Federation (TWIF), which organizes and establishes the rules for world championship games.



Rent this beautiful Santa chair for your Christmas party.

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