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wrecking ball inflatable rental

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Amanzi Austin’s Inflatable Wrecking Ball Rental is ready to rumble and tumble the tallest of attitudes without actual injuries or a demolition permit! Completely self-contained in a 25’ x 25’ x 18’ high space, we’ll set ‘em up and you can knock ‘em down. Four players compete in this balancing act dodge ball, tumble and fall blowout game where everyone’s either a bruiser or hilarious loser.

Along with our other interactive inflatables, the Wrecking Ball can make any birthday party, school carnival or corporate challenge a memorable event, even if some would rather forget. But as long as you snap the photos, Amanzi will do everything else to make it an unforgettable experience. Give us a call, we’re the party rental company that does it all. That’s why everyone agrees: Amanzi is amazing!

Make Your Party a Success with Rentals from Amanzi

We’ve all thrown parties where people enjoyed themselves, mingled well, and went home having had a good time. We fire up the barbie, throw a salad together, make sure the beer is nicely chilled, and turn up the stereo.

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