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Wipeout Redneck Games

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First came the Summer Games, then the Austin X Games, now the lame-brain games for dummies, the Redneck Wipe-Out Games. It’s as simple-minded as fallin’ off a log, gettin’ a haircut with a buzz saw or givin’ a leg up to a hungry gator. Don’t let your next big event crater. Nothing could be greater than a combo Sweet Sixteen and elementary school graduation party.

One call does it all, let Amanzi make her the Belle of the Overall Ball or him the Handsome “Slim Jim” of your next beef jerky or tractor pull. For the perfect monster truck rally, nothing says “back alley” quite like the Redneck Wipe-Out Games. It’s insane street fair fun for that special dim-witted son to blow off some inflatable steam in this extreme midway amusement machine.

Logs and heads will roll with Amanzi at the controls. Laughs are sure to abound while we knock your favorite rednecks around the gator-infested swamp for a rip-saw romping, left leg-chomping good time. (Limb replacement and hysterical re-enactments are encouraged, but not required. Preference will be given to those applicants with wood working experience, artificial legs and a background in wildlife management.)

Don’t let that next big party get away. Call Amanzi today. Rednecks are an endangered species as we all know, so don’t blow the opportunity to knock off their tattered socks, even if cousin Joe forgot his banjo. Rain, sun nor moon-shine will prevent Amanzi from being there on time, delivering the goods like the world’s best party rental company should.


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