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wipeout redneck games

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Survival skills for city folk include finding parking or landing a reservation at a new restaurant in the Museum District. But down on the bayou danger lurks everywhere, and then there’s the gators. In the Redneck Wipeout Games, players compete to see who gets a hillbilly haircut from the mill’s buzz saw, or ends up as gator bait after getting knocked off their log.

Swamp-filled fun for all, this inflatable midway game is perfect for Junior’s combo 3rd grade graduation and 17th birthday party or Uncle LeRoy’s going away gala before being sent up the river. A favorite for family reunions or a couple of cousin’s wedding reception, wear your favorite cammo and grab that banjo. Best of all, there are no written exams or IDs required for this hillbilly heaven ride.

Perfect for civil unrest events, anti-government gatherings and crawfish boils, don’t spoil the party or test your wits, the Redneck Wipeout Games are about survival of the fittest, feedin’ the gators and sawing off the fat. So find that pay phone and give Amanzi a call. We’ve seen it all, done it all, and that’s that. Spring or fall, rain or moonshine, you’ll never have a better time. (Note: Actual electricity is required, and no, you can’t run an extension cord from the gas station down the road.)